Rating: 1.5

 Seems like a lazy attempt by Maroon 5. While I have to give it to the boys for continuing to adjust their sound to what is #onandpoppin at the time, it seems to me that one out of four singles grabs my attention and the other 3 sound like fufu fluff garbage. #FufuFluffGarbage

Rating: 2.5

The mix between rock and pop bands is blending so much that you bands like Maroon 5 making songs like moves like jagger(epic jam btw), payphone, and now this number. Payphone had Wiz Khalifa and Dont wanna know has Kendrick. Making pop records for the sake of.

Rating: 2.01

Kendrick Lamar. What are we doing here? I mean it. What. Are. We. Doing. In. This Maroon 5 song? It's fine on it's own. Kendrick is fine on his own, on the song. But what are we doing here?? I'm not trying to hear no skinnypantsification of hip hop, Lamar.