Rating: 2.0

So many thoughts about this song and video.  The pond in the first minute...that has to be the same one from the dream sequences from Happy Gillmore, right?  This guy needs bigger shirts, right?  This is the light-pop version of MGMT with some Jagger wannabe vocals, right?

Rating: 2.5

Based on photos and preconceived notion this song was nothing what I thought it would be. If you like the Shins, clap your hands and say yeah, then those preferences have no reflection on this jam. Take some slick 60s pop with add a dash of orchestra and you got yourself a "follow the leader." all that to say that it doesnt move nor shake me

Rating: 2.12

Lo-rent, 'Love Boat' soundtrack-b-side-sounding weird track. Can't tell if this is a joke, or if Foxygen is a serious band trying to sound like a bad Elvis Costello cover band.