Rating: 3.0

Starts off a little slow, which initially turned me off of this track, but the the more I listen, the more I recognize some really positive growth for Lorde. The piano on the pre-chorus is fucking great. I imagine there's more to come off her sophomore effort to cement that she's a star and her best is years down the road.

Rating: 3.1

Whoa whoa thats an abrupt tempo change. Interesting story this kiwi writes about relationships in the spot light and the yearning of just being human; using the dancefloor where everyone is equal.

Rating: 1.11

I don't know man. Lorde never really does it for me. It's like, I know I'm not the target demo for her music, but what is her music? Is it good? Sure, she's talented. The girl can sing. It's fine. But the songs just seem so sophmoric and over-polished.