Rating: 2.5

Another really nice effort from the former Fifth Harmony member. She'll do alright for herself in the years to come. Not quite the talent of Ariana Grande, but she's no slouch.

Rating: 2.0

This is a song i will hear at 2am in an uber when i discover its no uber but a gypsy cab. I could leave but the ride is almost over and the driver seems non threatening. Maybe I have them drop me off not in front of my house so that they can drive off before go in, you know to be safe. but really its no big deal but i wait anyways. the car rolls off and i forget the experience by the time i wake up in late morning the next day. Thats kinda how I feel about the song.

Rating: 3.01

Lovely, fresh, upbeat and somewhat retro sound from the ex-Fifth Harmony (yea, I know. Right?) member. Has tinges of Rihanna, Sia and other pop songstresses. I could do w/o Young Thug appearance, but he doesn't ruin the track for me. Nice effort.