Rating: 2.0

Jack Antonoff writing a quintessential Jack Antonoff song for TayTay, and Sam Dew dewing his best to rewrite The Weekend's track from the first 50 Shades movie leads us to this...a perfectly adequate Top 40 collaboration that will make it's way onto every Valentines Day playlist Spotify has to offer.

Rating: 0.36

i tried to find this song and youtube and all sorts of differing versions popped up giving me no sure possibility of which was which so the hell with it. odds are since its tied to a shit franchise the song is a slowed down version of die another day from the James Bond movie. If thats the case it took a crap song and made it worse.

Rating: 0.51

(facepalm) (headshake) /waiting for the Taylor Swift part to come in /fastforwarding the song /forgot to hit pause /next video up was MGK... /too old for this shit.

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