Rating: 3.5

One of the catchiest songs of a decade.  Just seeing the title and most time hearing the name Panic(with or without !) at the Disco makes me start singing the first few lines.  50% Pop, 35% Rock, 10% Punk, 5% Musical Theater = Fueled By Ramen's Recipe for Success.

Rating: 3.67

The use of stings and orchestral arrangements is nice to hear. It's pop punk song and these guys like their dramatics. That hook is so catchy. I dig it.

Rating: 1.99

I remember when this song first hit radio airwaves and thinking, "why are they censoring the words, 'whore' and 'god damn'?" Song is fine, my wife liked it a bunch back in the whenever-this-first-came-out, but it's a cup of green tea and I want a cup of convenience store coffee.

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