Rating: 3.0

Lonely Island hits a lot of home runs (Captain Jack Sparrow, D in a Box) and has a few strikeouts along the way (Shy Ronnie 1 & 2).  I'm calling this one a ground rule double.  With this analogy I can say they explicably fall short of a homer but still manage to get it out of the park. Favorite line: I treat fat people like they were thin/Talk simple to the dumbos/Cus I'm so humble.

Rating: 3.5

Best hype track I have heard in a long time. It's not a competition cos I'm winning.

Rating: 1.3

I'm such a fan of Andy Samberg's writing .. but I can't stand the "dip dip dip dip dip..." beat. I can't get the Sesame Street aliens out of my head. (google it)

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