Rating: 3.5

And this is how DJ Khaled put's together a mediocre production, wrangles 3 names-white-America-has-probably-heard-before rappers and makes a song no one would care about...until you pepper some Bieber on top. Half a Million views and constant radio play. Can we take a moment to recognize that in the past 12 months Bieber has launched top 5 singles for Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Luis Fonsi, DJ Khaled and a top 20 single with David Guetta. When it comes to charting on the Billboard Hot 100, Biebs is most certainly the one.

Rating: 1.0

Sad i added to the 397M listens of this song. Turns out DJ Khaled doesnt really do much other than collect other singers to go over samples he put together. puff daddy part two. oh well. if i went to clubs this song would be on blast, but i dont so yeah. what song does Beibs not sing on? heres another one

Rating: 1.04

No you're not.