Rating: 1.5

First, can we just draw attention to the longevity of P!nk's pop career.  When most pop stars struggle for airtime by their 2nd or 3rd album (if that) in such a convoluted market, she has come strong for almost two full decades.  With that said, this song isn't doing it for me.  Sounds like a rehash of a few of her previous tracks.  That doesn't mean I'm not excited about the prospect of more P!nk to hit the airwaves.

Rating: 2.7

Usually songs from a soundtrack had something to do with the theme of the movie. Welp there goes that. What this has to do with a Alice in Wonderland sequel, I do not know. It's a pop song with a rap interlude. Pink does both parts so thats cool. Better her than drake, or wiz khalifa or kendrick or Jay Z or....

Rating: 0.85

I mean, it's a Pink song. It sounds like a Pink song. It could have been written by Dianne Warren. But it's a Pink song for a movie soundtrack. Pink is an immensely talented artist, but I'm never going to go out and buy a Pink record. Now, will that change once my daughter is born, and until she's like, 12? Probably. But until then, meh, Pink.

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