Rating: 1.0

OH MAN! This is such a massive letdown.  Being from DC, I was hoping this was going to be a step forward for RDGLDGRN, but it's just a sad, pathetic step towards EVERYTHINGFUCKINGELSE on the radio.  Skip this bad pop track, and click here for RDGLDGRN with 3 minutes that don't waste your time.

Rating: 2.1

So is this what happened to the black eyed peas? Making bouncy dance songs with intentional misspellings and omitting vowels. #clubmusic

Rating: 1.27

Equal parts FLO RIDA throwaway track, a b-side of something Wyclef Jean never recorded, and bonus track on a compliation CD for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Needs more vuvuzelas though.

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