Get yourself some TIDAL to hear this and the rest of Prince's catalog.

(In the meantime, enjoy this 8 minute performance of just The Artist and a guitar.)

Rating: 3.5

Musicology is unfairly forgotten; it plays wonderfully from front to back. (Check this out if you don't believe me.) And this song is minimalist funk at its best, with a focus on Prince's vocals and just enough pop injected to make this a great track to start a part while the guests are filing in.  His Swag-factor was sky high off of his Rock Hall of Fame performance, shown here by his overt dig at MJ - "My voice is getting higher and I ain't never had my nose done (That's the other guy)."

Rating: 3.4

I had to google the name of the song to find out this was on a 2004 Prince album, Musicology. Not even on a greatest hits compilation, nope. Some deep cut, as far as I know, from an end of the road album. I love the drum sound in this song. Prince could make a song that makes you wanna get down and move.

Rating: 3.5

Likely a fine Prince track. No way to hear it, not having the physical copy. Still gets a 3.5 in my book, regardless.

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