Rating: 2.0

It's not a terrible song, but it's not the caliber of music we have grown accustomed to from Swift. I understand the "She's trying something new" argument, but for someone who has so often pushed different genres together and beat others to the punch, this song sounds like something a handful of artists have already pulled off.

Rating: 3.0

Dropping pre 1989 type choruses. This is track announces that #TS13 DGAF about your preconceived notions of her. She's here to stay and forget what you heard, its what youre hearing. At least thats what the song wants you to think.

Rating: 1.56

Anyone else hear the chorus and go, "Ohhh, me so horrrrrrny, oh-oh, me so horrrrrrrrn-ey"? Just me? The person related to me made a great point when we both heard this song recently. She said, "remember when Britney Spears went crazy? This sounds like the music she was making at the time." Is Taylor going to try and smash some windows with an umbrella and shave her head? Time will tell.