Rating: 2.0

Stacy, you once taught us all to Go For It and follow our dreams.  Now according to these lyrics you're letting your mother know that you went for it and finally made it...in what appears to be a mashup music video of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood and Aqua's Barbie Girl, oh yes with Kim Kardashian.  It's catchy enough and has enough unnecessary cussing to keep my interest.  I love unnecessary cussing...motha fucka'.

Rating: 2.3

Fergie is a better singer than this song makes us believe. It is a shame I had to listen to this song right after such a strong song like Dylan's "God on Our Side" because all in all it is a fine turn off your head and get krunk kinda song. But I just wasnt into it. The hooks are everywhere in the song. Though spelling out the words of the song is so two thousand and bananas.

Rating: 1.0

Happy 41st birthday, Stacey Ann! Congrats on the continued success at relevancy and re-entry into the pop charts! Like the mighty Australian Plague Locust, Ms. Ferguson pops up into the national sonic consciousness, making the mandatory sexual inuendo references, name-checking luxury brands and staccato-spelling things along the way. Sometimes I wish FergieFerg never left the Black Eyed Peas, because then things like this song wouldn't get made.

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