Rating: 2.5

After months of slowly released, cryptic lore building around a story that seems a whole lot like the lost "Divergent" novel, I am hoping that this is part of some concept album. As a single, it's catchy enough, but not a standalone tune. Concept album please.

Rating: 1.9

take everything you know about 21 pilots. add however many years its been since the last time you heard them. here we are.

Rating: 1.75

I feel like one of our reviewers will give this a 4.0, regardless of listening to it. Personally, I'm not a fan of the singer's voice. As a whole, it reminds me of being in college and having friends tell me that 311 and Incubus are the next big thing, and that they would be around for decades like the Rolling Stones. Notsomuch...