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Rating: 2.0

Last we heard of Bebe Rexha, her look was different (more SoCal like Sloane from Entourage! than this SoCal like Aussie Iggy Azalea now tearing up LA) but the sound was the same: extremely catchy and radio friendly (early summer overplay, for sure), but one The Chainsmokers remix away from being the 10 minute, neon light flashing, stinky, sweaty crescendo to a Saturday night at the club that it is meant to be.

Rating: 2.31

Whenever the remix comes out with an actual dance club beat, this will be on blast. Until then, we have a song that will go on the "getting ready to party" playlist for undergrads until Ke$sha sorts out her next record. The song addresses the next day after nightclubbing, "meet you for eggs in the morning." I'll take a grandslam breakfast. Over easy with an english muffin.

Rating: x.xx

No. I do not awknowledge Nicki Minaj's music (even in a featured role) as a song. I will not rate or discuss this further.

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