Rating: 2.5

Never fully takes off or commits to to staying grounded. I thoroughly enjoy LOLO's vocals and her introspective ways, (I have "The Courtyard" as one of the better songs of 2016).  This song is stuck in purgatory between the hellacious emotions of Adele and the forever driving upwards sounds of Sia.  Good, but not nearly her best.

Rating: 2.8

Id be willing to ask which song was recorded first. This or Bey's "All Night" as the solo guitar over woman belting out lyrics seems to be in vogue this year. some may not care for the vocal work in which you can hear lolo pushing the mic to the its peak but i liked it as it helps convey the emotion of the song. Still contender for album title of the year.  

Rating: 3.1

Can't hate on a little bit of sun-soaked soul music. Bonus points for the guitar echo. I dig this sound a lot, and wish more music was being made like this.