Rating: 3.0

The only thing more surprising than how much I enjoy this song is how perfect the key change is.  I am of the mind that Gaga's musical releases have slowly been going down the drain since she hit the scene.  This track might give me pause...

Just Dance: 4.0
Poker Face: 3.0
LoveGame: 3.0
Paparazzi: 2.5
Bad Romance: 2.0
Telephone: 3.0
Alejandro: 1.5
Dance in the Dark: 1.5
Born this Way: 2.0
The Edge of Glory: 2.5
Applause: 1.0
G.U.Y.: 0.5
Perfect Illusion: 3.0

Rating: 2.7

For a Gaga song, I would have expected larger production. The song feels thin though her vocals cutt through. Good dance beat song. Glad there was not a "guest starring" some rapper or Beiber for that matter. It's fine as is.

Rating: 2.75

Hey Gaga, we've got Irene Cara's lawyers on line 1. Um...? What a feeeeeeeeelin'... bein's believin'!

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