Rating: 2.5

I gave this song a few listens as I have conflicted feelings about it.  It's got a nice poppy melody but almost seems purposefully held back.  The lyrics are catchy and easy to sing along with, but five minutes later are extremely forgettable.  A for effort, F for execution, 2.5 for The Daily Single.

Rating: 3.5

Former Donna's frontwoman Brett Anderson, goes retro with this song and her new outfit, The Stripminers. Her voice as a punk singer was solid, but with this track she has found a country-esque range that is suited for her. The country vibe carries throughout the song and is a solid number. For additional listening please go to "Pour out your heart".

Rating: 1.4

I wanted to like this song. I gave it the full 3:31. I tried, I really did. Unfortunately, this track ain't my jam. The vocals seem to be missing something, and it all seems a little too simple and unpolished. It's like a bad Target jingle.

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