Rating: 1.5

I've been saying it for years: Fueled By Ramen not only has the best name for a record label, but they put out some of the best music in a fringe mainstream-meets-angsty-teen-punk-pop subgenre.  While all of their music has a similar infectious sound, I'm taking Brendon Urie's solo incarnation of Panic! over this "Giveusmore Paramore" in Against the Current.

Rating: 3.0

Paramore comparisons aside, this high energy song has a dance beat that can get anyone bopping. Im sorry this is a remake of Misery Business. I can't help it. Not a bad thng but I will not stand by and let this go unsaid.

Rating: 1.98

Fun song. Paramore-ish in it's construct. I'm ok with it.

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