Rating: 3.0

I've got no qualms with this track. Exactly what I'd expect from Ed and I like what he has done thus far in his short career. How about that royal scar of his? Crazy, right? Also, any takers on his fourth studio album being titled Subtract? I see Red cover with a black dash.

Rating: 1.95

Is this a collaboration with Rockabye Baby! ? Also I feel like I jsut heard another song that has the same hook of "Im in love with your body" Is this real life? At 350k listens already Ive resigned myself to hearing this a few more times ad nauseam. Did you know Ed also wrote "love yourself" Thanks Ed.

Rating: 2.50

If it looks like an Ed Sheeran song, sounds like an Ed Sheeran song, and smells like a hotel room you can pay for by the hour, then it's a probably an Ed Sheeran song you're listening to. Ed's a talented dude. Never seen a mirror, or a comb, but a talented dude. This album is likely to yield a bunch of top hits, and his marketing people are smart, putting this out in early spring, so he can hit hard in summer 2017, so he's in a good spot.