Rating: 2.0

B-minus for effort, and D-plus for execution. It's refreshing to see Mr. Styles go for something that isn't as safe as his One Direction counterparts. Next time you try to come out of the gate with a Bowie-esque epic, try incorporating more than three chords.

Rating: 2.3

Neat song, no idea wtf it is about. It does not sound as bad as contrived pop currently out there. So this gets more praise. Was this kid like a NKOTB for the 2010s or something?

Rating: 0.50

You know what's not good? This. This is not good. You (public) tried to tell me that Zame (or however you spell his name) was decent after he left One Derecton. He's not. Then you tell me Stiilez is good, and yet here i am, I'm sitting in a canoe all alone, waiting on what I thought was a TimberLake, only to find out it's nothing but a sea of JC Chasez. Does that make sense? Well neither does this song.