Rating: 2.5

Bust out the clay...Anna Kendrick vs. Hailee Steinfeld in Celebrity Deathmatch 2016! The Pitch Perfect 2 alumnus is onto something here, but she's stayed way too close to the formula.  I expect we will hear a lot more from HAIZ in the future.  She can build her own sound off the commercial success of this softball.

Rating: 1.4

"You got a fast car..."oh wait. wrong song. I think. I believe Hailee was in Pitch Perfect 2 which made me say acca-scuse me to this weak song filled with poor metaphors. And shit use of the EDM chorus too. I, too, was younger yesterday but it doesnt make me naive enough to like this song.

Rating: 1.58

What do you get when you combine "Love Yourself" and "What do you mean?", but you can't get Bieber to sing the song? This. You get this song.

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