Rating: 3.5

Second or third best track on one of my favorite albums from junior year of college. And while they didn't achieve the status of fun., Nate Ruess' songwriting has never been as overtly introspective and powerful since.

Rating: 3.2

Tongue in cheek lyrics about the formulaic nature of pop radio songs, along with the fraility of being a musician. Throwing everything in the cliche kitchen sink, Sam and Nate were able to use this song to get out of the desert. The "clap your hands" and the hand claps.Gets. Me. Every.Time.

Rating: 3.01

The Format?! Yea, dudes. The Format. I used to love this band. Some songs are a time capsule, and this one for me teleports me back to living on Cape Cod, working in a boatyard, coming home to my house every day and thinking that there was going to be something better. And there was.