Rating: 3.5

I'm pretty sure that one out of three songs on the Top 40 is partially penned by Sia these days. Camila Cabello's "Crying in the Club" screams wrote by Sia, and now she's writing and singing with this ZAYN-y character. Her much earlier work shows the development of her wonderful songwriting and fantastic voice, while showing some brilliance in her now gone not-so-perfectly-polished style.

Rating: 2.4

Is this the same chandelier Sia? Weird. This is what happens before you find the formula. Good on you sia. This song though sounds like a title the weeknd passd on. Upbeat jam all the same

Rating: 1.15

Is 2008 a throwback? (...does some math in head...) Yes, yes 2008 is a throwback. Sia's at her best when her vocals are predominantly showcased, case-in-point on this record. Strong songwriting, strong vocals, and you see peeks at the artist she was trying to become in parts of this track.