Rating: 3.0

I'm pretty sure this song was dubbed "The Most Awesomely Bad Song" of all time by some third-rate comedians on a VH1 Countdown. I certainly have never changed the station when this song was on.

Rating: 2.6

Once voted the worst song in rock and roll, i think it could pass for the contemporary jams out today. You want to hold on to bands for things they once were but they all wanna grow themselves. Jefferson airplane --> Jefferson Starship ---- >Starship. It is all connected only the drugs have changed

Rating: 3.19

This song is one of my earliest memories of music. This, and Kyrie my Mr Mister. I don't know why it's those two songs, but I'm sure my therapist will tell me at my next session. (BTW, Follow this song up with Kyrie, and you will be in SYNTH HEAVEN!!!)