Rating: 3.0

First time I heard this I thought "This almost would work as a song in a YouTube vlog." Upon further listening, attention anyone who makes YT Vlogs...this song should be in one. Just a thought.

Rating: 2.0

Cant make heads or tails of this song. It sounds like an ed sheeran b-side...and guess who has an uncredited vocal take? I digress. This sounds like dance happy pop music thats making its way into our airwaves. Nothing really new to add to the lexicon of pop music. In years this will likely barely be a memory

Rating: 2.55

This song is growing on me. It never really goes anywhere, sonically, but it's a quintessential summer song (I guess). Light, pop, foreign terms like "flat". Ehhhhhh, I'll take it. IT's bieber-iffic pop music.