Rating: 3.5

One of my favorite holiday tunes.  It may not be Lennon, it may not be Mercury, it may not be Bing or Sinatra, but I quite enjoy The Pogues take on Christmas in NYC...the best place to spend the holidays.

Rating: 2.4

The difference between this song and the second most listened Pogues song is 43MILLION. More reason why christmas music is stupid or maybe theyre just using christmas as a setting for the song...well shit. too late now.

Rating: 1.14

Thisssong s prttygfffc gud buty i feeeellikethy guysingin maaaaaAAAAy hav hadsomething to drujnk. Alsgho it shouldh by plydef onl y once a yer bvvc isssnot that u (burp) good. Cool post-apocalyptic Christmas tune, Pogues, but if I want real Irish Christmas music, I'll throw on "aannnnnnd there won't be snow in Africa this Christmassssss".

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