Rating: 2.0

This isn't a terrible effort, and it is catchy enough.  I get that they are on Hellcat Records, but it wreaks so strongly of Rancid and is about half as good as their best that it is hard to forgive the blatant ripoff. Tim Armstrong FTW.

Rating: 2.1

So help me god if this is a ska revival I just may go back on my "I hate synth rock" statements as seen here...no wait, synth rock is still worse. This is just unoriginal.

Rating: 1.25

NEVERRRRR....HAD TO KNOCK ON WOOOOOOD. CUZ I KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS. AND I'M GLAD I HAVEN'T or something like that. Interesting choice. Me thinkst the creator of this blog is arbitrarily trying to add every genre of music just to have every genre of music included. I will not play your reindeer games, good sir!

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