Rating: 3.0

On one of those "Storytellers" or "Unplugged" Vh1 shows featuring The Black Crowes, Chris Robinson said that quite often, brother Rich would write these great songs but he didn't realize the chorus was actually the verse and vice versa.  It appears this time around, Rich can write songs that would feel at home in the Crowes catalogue, only he can keep his verses and choruses the way he intended them, as verses and choruses, respectively.

Rating: 3.6

So many sad bastard songs around that this song feels particularly uplifting. Rich Robinson flexes his songwriting skills and shows they match his guitar chops note for note.

Rating: 3.58

(The script calls for Ben Stiller to drive a Karmann Ghia across the panhandle of Texas for the sequel to 'Walter Mitty' and the sound engineer says that this song is perfect soundtrack to the sub-5 minute vignette...) Yea, this is actually pretty wonderful. I feel like this is a volley from the sunglass-and-bearded fella to my left, for 'Rain Plains'. Congrats sir, this makes my on-going TDS playlist.

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