Rating: 2.0

An agreeable song that strikes me as a bit too repetitive.  There is a lack of dimension going into and out of the hook.  I do very much enjoy the strings and love the minor scale, it adds brooding, heavy emotional undertone throughout.  Love some things, don't love some things...drop this one right in the middle.

Rating: 3.1

Miles Kane and Alex Turner sound so much alike that I cannot tell who is singing. The guitar riff and orchestral handling give a James Bond feel to the song with sense of urgency prevailing throughout. The "Previously on LOST" swell at the beginning makes the listener feel like they're intruding in an ongoing conversation. I dunno that's just me.

Rating: 1.85

The song is fine, but sounds like a Cure song sung by an intoxicated Richard Ashcroft. Lyrics seem a little forced, but I have no problem with the track.

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