Rating: 3.5

This is just one of over a hundred songs that make me sad that they broke up.  It has all the makings of a great Crowes song. Both Robinson brothers do what they do best, whether vocally or on the guitar, seamlessly move from loud an edgy to slow, controlled and perfectly chill.  (Beware: Dad joke coming) Please make more music! Only the Black Crowes can Make amorica Great Again!

Rating:  3.7

Slow moving jam with killer guitar solos, and empassioned vocals. From intro to coda this song is a complete jam.

Rating: 2.99

You're never going to believe this, but there was a time when The Black Crowes were a radio staple and they routinely had 2-3 singles on their albums that stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for a while. That would make people buy CDs (those are those small silver discs, kids) and when they listened to them, and maybe let the CD play a little too long, they would stumble on these lovely 9+ minute ditties, and think, "damn, the Crowes are actually a really, really solid band."

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