Rating: 3.0

I always thought the mighty Deftones were underrated as influencers.  But recently, with pop music showing heavy 1980s influences, I find there is a growing hard rock sound emerging among new bands. Specifically, I feel like I've been hearing guitar work I mistake for 90s Deftones.  This is just one of many examples why that isn't a bad thing.

Rating: 3.8

Killer song. Deftones have been making quality records for a long long time now. Constantly reinventing what it means to be hard rock. Around the fur rocked then and it continues to get spins now.

Rating: 1.89

Big Deftones fan. Nawwwt a huge fan of this particular track. I remember skipping over it when I had the CD in '97, and going back to playing 'Around The Fur' and 'My Own Summer', annnnnnnd I did the same exact thing this time. (Bonus review: Around the Fur - 3.29)

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