Rating: 3.0

Talk about being in the pocket.  There are both positives and negatives to that, but I imagine this song came from a jam session where the backbone of this track went on for hours.  I dig.  On the other hand, the lack of variety does get to me at about 3:30...it runs just a little longer than it needs to.

Rating: 3.3

Drums and bass on lock in the intro gives a great backbone for Brenden Canning to lay over some reverb soaked vox with a chorus pointing out "i am not here to laugh at your mistakes." These days everything from sitting down to stand up for something brings so much attention, Brenden reminds us we all live in glass houses no matter what flags we drape over our windows.

Rating: 2.83

I think this has potential. As it is the first track on the album, I'm definitely more apt to give it a further listen. I'm not a hige fan of this track, but as I said, the potential is there.

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