Rating: 3.0

While Tom DeLonge is out looking for UFOs, Mark and Travis have plugged in Matt Skiba and proven they haven't lost a single thing (save for DeLonge's affinity for pronouncing seemingly simple words like "Mom" completely wrong).  Throw in some mid song poop, fart and blowjob jokes, and these fellows will pick up right where they left off.  If you were a fan before, you'll love this song.

Rating: 2.6

Last time Blink 182 did this, they changed the name of the band to Boxcar Racer but it was Mark who was left out. Omitting the +44 moniker and sticking to the name people recognize, it's Tom's turn to sit on the sidelines. The flanged out drum intro is becoming a mainstay for the band's sound along with themes of teenage insecurity. Is it really Blink 182 if its not the Mark Tom and Travis show? This song says yes.

Rating: 3.2

Is this new? Sounds great. It sounds like Tom Delonge finally grew up. ... Oh, it's not Tom Delonge? Even better.

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