Rating: 2.0

I get a 1/3 Ben Kweller, 1/3 Rivers Cuomo and 1/3 Dave Grohl from Alex G. (Watch a live performance video, you'll see the Grohl in there).  It's a little too light and whiny for my tastes, but I'm sure those college students are going apeshit over this guy...only 8,477 Twitter followers? Hipsters, get on this guy before 1,523 more people catch wind of it.

Rating: 2.4

Wes Anderson soundtrack material right here. Insert other indie movie director all the same. The other stuff from Mr G sounds has some vibes I wanna check out.

Rating: 3.05

DIY rock! Was this recorded in 1990, or 1980, or 1968? Who knows? Is it good? I'm not sure! I sure can pick some stellar DIY, recorded-in-my-basement-on-an-old-4track-and-maybe-I-was-high-when-I-recorded-this, songs! I lead the pack in "is this really on a legit record label"-sound.

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