Rating: 3.0

Unlike the video for the song, which seems to be an ode to a time where the village in "Hot Fuzz" were to stage their own Burning Man, "Burn the Witch" is beautifully arranged and undoubtedly unique.  It's been two decades since the band that brought us "Creep", "High and Dry" and "Paranoid Android" has proven they can make a stand-alone song.  No change here. We are still meant to listen to their albums as a whole...and preferably on a psychotropic or three.

Rating: 4.0

Feeling nervous that something bad is around the corner has never felt so good. I hope we do not have to wait another 5 years for more Radiohead.

Rating: 3.6

There's a time and space for the music Radiohead makes. I always find that it's about 6-9 months ahead of me. 6-9 months from right now, I'm going to really, really like song. Of course, I'll be a father to an infant in 3 months, so maybe this won't be the case. At any rate, Radiohead can do no wrong in my book. (This is how Rolling Stone reviews Bob Dylan records now, btw)

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