Rating: 2.5

The Monster Tour was the first real rock show I ever went to. With Radiohead opening (when they were a real rock band) and R.E.M. headlining (when they were making solid rock music), it was a pretty spectacular night. Although, they didn't play "Stand" and I was an angry pre-teen. There are about 6 cuts off the album I think are better than this, but it's still pretty rock solid.

Rating: 3.4

this song off of REM's "rock" record is not even in the top half of the album and yet its much better than 75% of whats currently out there. when these dudes were on, they were on.

Rating: 3.75

A big fan of the Monster album, ...Envy is an often overlooked track because of it's tracklisting and the heaviness of the first 1/2 of the album. Definitely an homage the more meaty bands of the same era, with it's soaring power chords and distortion - the loss of Kurt months earlier can be heard in many of the tracks on this 1994 release, this one being one of my favorites.