Rating: 1.5

There are very few songs from the mind of Jack White that don't inspire me much, and this is one of those few.  This seems like "We're Going to Be Friends" but a little less foot-tappy (<-that's a word, trust me).  With that said, I do love the Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 album.  The version of "Carolina Drama" is superb.

Rating: 2.9

A softer song written by Jack White when he was still a white stripes means pretty rudimentary percussion with some interesting guitar parts. City Llights has classical elements and a vocal melody mirroring the main guitar part. Very Jack. Very White Stripes. Duh

Rating: 3.45

'City Lights' is technically a white stripes song, but I you know... That aside, Jack While is a genius - take White's singing out of this, and it's a b-side to an old Zepplin record. I dig.

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