Rating: 3.5

Simple and effective pop/rock track from a living legend. There is another Beatle out there still making music, of which goes to show how good Sir Paul still is a half century later.

Rating: 3.0

Some artists you cant not compare to their previous works. Paul is having fun and thats what is important. Do i want to hear this song at the next show instead of (ANY ) Beatles song. nah im good thanks though.

Rating: 2.75

The greatest and most prolific musician of the past 100 years. Likely one of the top 10 musicians of all time. One can only hope to be as amazingly talented and successful at at point in their life, much less Paul's 76. What a life. "Come on to Me" is a great icebreaking 2.75 to me, but the follow up single "I Don't Know" is a new classic, and deserves a 4+. Great track.