Rating: 3.0

Heavy. Gary Clark rarely goes wrong, and he comes with a unique take on an absolute classic. Better than the original? No. Best part of the upcoming Justice League Movie? Likely.

Rating: 2.7

guitar solo at the very end notwithstanding, this is a fuzzed out cover of the beatles' jam. Which fine, but if you are going to cover a song, the point is (and i should know) is to try and make it your own, reinterpretting the song. otherwise if you want to hear the song as its done, stick with the first one.

Rating: 3.o

Nothing Gary can put out there, that my ears hear, will ever score lower than a 3.0 on this website. That being said, this is a wonderful cover, but the John Baptiste/Gary Clark Jr/Leon Bridges cover of "Ohio" is a better, more haunting, deeper song.