Rating: 2.0

Catchy jingle from a band not always known for catchy jingles. There is a part of this song that I want to bust out singing "Beat it, just beat it." MJ influencing music from beyond the grave an island with elvis and tupac.

Rating: 2.9

FDig the guitars, and some fuzzed out bass. I just dont get the schtick of EODM. Sure its fun dumb goofy rock. Maybe thats it.

Rating: 3.9

If you're like me, you caught EoDM's February concert in Paris, "I Love You All The Time", and amost every day you listen to an EoDM song. If you haven't seen it, it should be required viewing. The emotion of returning to Paris to play that set list that was stopped short at the Bataclan a year earlier, is amazing. Good, powerful stuff.