Rating: 3.0

I don't care much for the slower "December" version, original or Dashboard guest spot.  Turning this into a complete ripoff of late-90s Blink-182 and not being ashamed about it (adding Mark Hoppus) significantly improves the track.  Would have been right at home on Blink's latest, California debut, Chesire Cat.

Rating: 1.6

Wait. This is the same song but one is acoustic and the other is some pop punk version. Neither one captures the blase nautre of the lyrics. One is too somber the other is not reflective enough. Find a right balance and the lyrics could take on greater meaning.

Rating: 1.77

19-year old Kaedo-K would probably have liked this song. 38-year old Kaedo-K wonders about the similarities between this and Keith Urban's "You'll Think of Me", because I for one, can't stop singing "...take your cap and leave my sweater..." when the chorus comes in...

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