Rating: 3.0

It's an election year and, in that spirit, I have to look at this as compared to other campaign songs out there.  Clinton/Gore struck gold with this, and with Hillary running we get more "Don't Stop" anytime her husband hits the stage.  It's a 4.0 as far as political theme songs go.  But, it's not even one of the three best songs off Rumors, so it can't be a 4.0 single.

Rating: 3.6

Back when artists wouldnt be in a huff about politicians using their music for campaigns. Can we talk about Lindsay Buckingham's guitar work for a second? Serious chops throughout and a sweet solo AND the dude wrote the friggin song.

Rating: 1.55

For my wife, it's "Landslide". For me, it's "Don't Stop". Everyone of us, old and young, tall and short, white, black, red or green, each one of us have a Fleetwood Mac song we just can not stand. I can listen to almost the entirety of the Mac catalogue, at almost any time, but Don't Stop has to Stop. I wholly blame the 1992 Clinton/Gore campaign.

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