Rating: 3.5

I remember when "Breezeblocks" came out a few years back and thought this could be something.  Each of the singles off alt-J's sophomore album continue a sound that, at times, flirts with pop-rock  but has enough odd vocal intonation and scratch-your-head lyrics (all the cat references in this song) to not be confused with America's Top 40 rock.  Love the "Please don't go" section of this song.

Rating: 2.4

JJ wanted me to hear this song awhile back and now that the time has come. I am glad I postponed it. The Lou Reed reference aint even doing it for me. For the sentiment, I will take the Arctic Monkeys', "I wanna be yours."

Rating: 3.4

Who doesn't love alt-rock? I ask this of all of us? Alt-rock is the best. It's badass, weird, deep, rhythmic, repetitive, quick and almost always never what you expect. Cool track.

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