Rating: 3.5

I've never gotten too familiar with Dawes, and I must say this is a pretty great introduction.  I love the vocal resolution to the chorus: a short, simple, beautiful harmony.  Every instrument has its place and the songwriting is just a double cherry on top.

Rating: 2.3

I really really liked Dawes' last album "All Your Favorite Bands" and when I heard they were coming out with another record in short order, I thought they would qucikly become one of mine. This song like most of "We're all gonna die" falls too much into the pop sphere that I think Dawes should occupy less of and focus their attention on the bittersweet alt sphere. Thats just me.

Rating: 3.33

Dawes is an acquired taste to begin with, and this is probably the most pre-2014 Dawes sounding Dawes song on the new record. I wish more of the record was slightly more like this, and less avant-guarde sounding, but I guess we all have to evolve.

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