Rating: 1.5

It's not that this is a bad song...as a matter of fact, I'd put it in the top three off of The Getaway.  The album as a whole feels tired and uninspired, and being one of the better tracks does't change the fact that it still falls far short of the energy and in-your-face funk that I've grown to love. When I could go over a dozen deep at 3.5 or better with RHCP, even mediocrity is below average.

Rating: 2.8

I can see how this is a RHCP song (though he does not mention California)and will likely be a single on blast for the next 6 months. Admittedly better than the "Snow hey oh"song, i have liked RHCP most when they give the guitar player just as much credit as Flea, and Chad. Sure this is not John Frusciante, but there were some good moments on the predecessor I Am With You and they started with the guitar.

Rating: 3.01

A summertime RHCP song! No Rick Rubin, no problem! Just add one part wacky lyrics, one part funky base line, about 100 BPM, and sprinkle a little Kiedis chorus (heavy on the "whooooooa"s) and voila! The ingredients and directions to make a typical RHCP song are akin to the directions of how to boil an egg.

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