Rating: 3.0

Paramore has definitely moved into the 80's influenced alt-pop space that everyone seems to so desperately want to occupy. While I prefer the angst that was brought before the lineup shakeup in their first three albums, I do like the slightly more complex percussion re-administered by the return of Zac Farro.

Rating: 1.9

A rock band making a dance record....I think Paramore's Hayley has been hanging out with too many producers trying to find that perfect mix of guitar driven pop music. You want to applaud the ambition to keep trying to do something new but this has been done before by bleachereds and the like. All sorts of aggro have been lost on this band.

Rating: 1.23

Paramore is still making records, huh? Alright. Well, it sounds like someone fell asleep watching Bruuno Mars videos, woke up in a puddle of pink goo, and then heard Duran Duran on their Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist, and thought to themselves, "hey, I can do that!"