Rating: 2.5

If I've said it once, I've said it a dozen times on TDS, the 1980s can be found in most pop music right now.  If the Pixies continue to do what they're doing for ten more years, they will be topping the charts when turn-of-the-decade 90s music becomes the IT sound. Nothing new here...but when you've been able to do something people respond to for 30 years, who is anyone to say otherwise.

Rating: 2.93

You cant take Black Francis' lyrics all that literally as noone knows wtf he's talking about sometimes. It is all things pixies we have come to know and expect.

Rating: 2.86

The Pixies! That unmistakeable crunch is once again coming thru your speakers. Alternative rock needs to make a comeback and perhaps the Pixies are the ones to lead that charge.

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