Rating: 3.0

Listen to Watch any of The Pretty Reckless songs videos and you'll come to the same conclusion: someone at independent label Razor and Tie is working for a huge label right now.  Take an absurdly attractive model/actress with a solid voice and rather than make music in a saturated pop market, have her tap into the Avenged Sevenfold/BFMV crowd (See "Going to Hell").  Girl Next Door Sings About the Devil. CHA-CHING!

Rating: 3.4

My gym plays this song a lot. I am not entirely sure why. I like the band name, and that Taylor Momson is dedicated to being a full time rocker, unlike that 30 second joker. The fact that the chorus kicks off using a 7th chord is just...yeah...Good on The Pretty Reckless. The lyrics are dumb but who GAF.

Rating: 1.01

Taylor Momsen's wikipedia page lists her occupation as "singer, songwriter, actress, model". At least 2 of those things are definitely true, but not all four. Swing and a miss for me. If I want to listen to Joan Jett, I'll put on Joan Jett.

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