Rating: 3.5

First time I heard "S.O.B." I remember thinking it was a little gimmicky, but extremely fun. (There is a documentary about the lives of bartenders that needs to have that song over the opening credits.) I also remember thinking I needed to hear something else, and I love it.  See these dudes live...or watch this, it's infectious.

Rating: 2.6

It sounds like a cut right out of the 1970s. Not for nothing, but just not my bag. I can imagine a live show by this band to be pretty solid. But if I had to pick (and I am), gimme J Roddy Waltson and the Business over these guys any day.

Rating: 1.8

The song should be, I Need Never Get Old, by The Night Sweats featuring Nathaniel Rateliff, as the vocals aren't quite what I think Rateliff is capable of. To me, sonically, it also disjointed. I don't think it's a bad song, I think it's improperly produced in spots.

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